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You need working capital to keep your business running. From buying supplies to covering payroll or accounts payable, you need cashflow, but sometimes it’s not there. Whether sales are down or accounts receivables are high, you could find yourself stuck and wondering what’s next.

At Steady Capital Solutions, we offer solutions for small business in most industries with minimal requirements and fast funding.

When you use Steady Capital Solutions for your financing needs, not only do you get highly experienced professionals helping you with your financing needs, but you also get:

No upfront fees – You don’t have to worry about application fees, credit report fees, or any other upfront fees that eats into your working capital. We know you need the funds to keep your business afloat and won’t ask for money upfront.

Bad personal credit is okay – We understand not every business owner has good credit. In fact, many have bad credit because they had to use their personal finances to start up the business. We use a variety of qualifying factors besides your personal credit score to qualify you.

Simple qualifying requirements – We don’t make you jump through hoops or make it stressful to get the financing you need. We are straightforward and flexible, helping business owners get the necessary financing to keep the business running.

How to Qualify

We look at each situation individually when determining who qualifies for a small business financing. We don’t use cookie cutter underwriting – we look at each situation and determine what you need and see how we can help.

While perfect credit isn’t necessary, we do look at cash flow. Sometimes cash flow is even more important than credit because it shows your companies ability to cover its financing.  We’ll look for regular deposits and few (if any) delinquencies on your bank accounts to ensure you’re handling your finances well.

Any compensating factors you have to make up for any ‘bad qualifying factors’ can help too. We look at the big picture when qualifying your business for funding. 

Why Trust Steady Capital Solutions?

Why should you trust Steady Capital Solutions? We give you many reasons, but most importantly, we are highly experienced, compassionate, and hard-working, helping all business owners get the financing they need and can afford.

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